Serving with Means

Many parties can be overwhelming to the average household. Even more the average budget for a party can blow up and cost a lot more than you bargained for in the beginning planning stages. As a rule start off with your strengths and then look for guidance. Never duplicate a party with the same food if possible. Start off with a theme and do some research on food and decor to help pull off the party. Look for items around your home to help to decorate your table display. Many times fruit, vegetables, dried pasta, pictures in frames, plants, fresh flowers, boxes or cans of products that are being used in your theme can be used for decorating items. Start and stick with a menu and never add on if possible, impulse buying will always cost you more and blow out your budget. Many recipes and video blogs are available on line and can be a valuable resource to enable you to understand and make your meal fresh, new, and successful for the average cook. Above all have fun and don’t stress out, entertaining your guests can be rewarding when done with a properly executed plan.

Chef Frank…